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About micha

Artist Micha

Fine Artist

A renowned fine artist and Glendale resident for 20 years, Micheline Abounassar (artist micha) is a descendant of the Durighello family, who enriched the Louvre museum in France.


Micha’s entrepreneurial spirit is reflected in her charitable donations that come from sales of her work.

Among some of the Dignitaries & Charities who have received her paintings include: The Pope, Jay Leno, America's Got Talent, The Harley Davidson, The Special Olympics, EWTN, St. Patrick's Cathedral in N.Y., Hospitals, The Muscular Dystrophy Association Charity: who Live Auctioned one of her Art Prints for $17K.

Born in 1980, Micha is a premier fine artist to the Stars!

She has been featured in the LA Times & Internationally on TV, Newspapers, & Magazines.

Micha has also been writing stories & winning several first place awards for her fine art & writing since a young age. In addition to her Oil Paintings & Portraits, she is also in the process of completing: writing & illustrating over 20 stories (Children's Picture books)...


She has also taught free art lessons to the community. 


Micha invites everyone to connect through her website at & 


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