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Virtual Art Classes (for All Levels)
- For all levels - beginners to pro 
- Complete your own finished "Masterpiece." 
- Live classes or Home Courses, DVD's or Downloads) 
Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist once he grows up. - Pablo Picasso.  
(studies show that students involved in the arts consistently have higher test scores...)  
  • Classes: Beginners :     

  • Introduction : Free Introductory Art lesson. 

  • Tutorial: & classes  (method example) : Tutorial how to draw:       

  1. how to build a drawing using simple shapes, working from large to small, correcting as we go, keeping our lines light and loose, and working towards the smaller details until we got exactly what we wanted, keep your drawing until the next lesson until we are going to learn about color,

  2. Tutorials:

  3. *The Basics, art lessons: *Step-by-step approach, Visual demonstrations show you how to construct drawings from basic geometric shapes, how to correctly proportion the elements of your subject, how to accurately represent perspective, how to build and refine your drawings so they come to life... so they look real. 


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